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Project cargoes

pr_gr2The one of major competences of our company – transportation of project cargoes. Solutions for projects are necessary for the following transportations of:

  • plants or specific production lines;
  • large quantities of equipment;
  • exhibition stands;
  • machines and special equipment;
  • oversized cargoes with a displaced center of gravity.

Quite often, these cargoes are delivered by several modes of transport. The organization of such transportations requires careful control and professionalism.


Elaborating these projects, we pay attention to all the necessary details:

  • project transportation planning, which depends on the object of transportation, delivery time, distance;
  • calculation of budget for project delivery;
  • elaboration of the packing list;
  • planning of the number of transport units;
  • necessary loading and unloading equipment;
  • details of lashing;
  • the timing of loadings and schedule of pickups;
  • sea freights;
  • customs clearance (EX-1), transit documents (CMR), specifications and invoices;
  • obtaining permits and approvals for implementation of the project transportation through all of the transit countries;
  • cargo handling in ports: transshipment from terminals onto trucks or rail;
  • cargo insurance.