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Multimodal transportations

Multimodal transportations – one of the important activities of the Mainber company.

Our professionals have the opportunity to organize delivery of the cargoes from different continents using various modes of transport (road, sea, air and rail).

Such transportations are used to be integral part of project transportations.

Mainber company assumes the responsibility for the organization of the process of multimodal transportation, saving you time.

What we do:

  • selection of the mode of transport and routes
  • organization of transportations by railway and airlines
  • maritime transport with loading different types of containers
  • multimodal transportations of oversized cargos
  • preparation of transport documents
  • cargo insurance for such type of transports

We provide efficient implementation of services with best cost for you, thankfully to extensive experience in the market and established relations with partners in many countries. Using the advanced capabilities of logistics, we offer really competitive solutions.

We will be happy to deliver your orders!