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Customs clearance

toThe transfer of goods across the border or change of a customs regime requires implementation of all the necessary formalities.

Upon delivery of goods to / from the EU with our help, our company also offers preparation of customs documents for exported goods from EU, as well as customs clearance of goods which are imported to EU countries.

  • On your behalf, we make the following documents:
  • TIR Carnet;
  • CMR;
  • T-1 (transit declaration).

Нами используется система электронного декларирования, которое ускоряет процесс перехода границ и позволяет избежать простоев транспорта в очередях.

Classification Decision

Upon delivery of projects to Russia our company has competences to arrange classification decision (Class-decision) on imported goods for the customers.

Classification Decision is a document which is get approved by the customs authorities.

This document allows our customers to speed up and simplify the procedure of registration of goods, obtain savings in the payments for customs duties, import all the goods under a single HS code and, therefore, significantly reduce the number of documents likes certificates, permits and others that have to be obtained from various institutions.