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Express deliveries with Mainber

The month of November was rather rich for transportations of standard cargoes by 20 ton vehicles, however, the most bright and interesting was express delivery of raw materials for laboratory tests from Russia to Germany. Route: Russia-Germany, 2600km Terms of delivery: 4 days Cargo: raw materials for tests Type of transport: solo tuck, 1t. capacity […]

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Shipment of irrigation system from Italy to Kazakhstan

In June our oversized department  has successfully organized delivery of irrigation system from Italy to Kazakhstan.  We  didn’t  prepared oversized  permissions cause cargo with 3.1 m. height  was delivered with use of jumbo trailer. Additionally our customer asked for shipment of spare parts from Germany for this irrigation system. While jumbo truck was at the […]

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Multimodal delivery of gas engines from Germany to Russia

In May 2017  our company with our colleagues in Riga, Latvia have successfully completed delivery of gas engines from Germany to Russia. Transportation route: Germany – Latvia – Russia Cargo: Gas engine TCG 2032 MWM Weight: 53.7ton Dimensions: 9,3m x 2,8m x 3,4m Quantity: 3 engines Additional requirements: one-time arrival to the customs in Russia This […]

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