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Extrusion line to Krasnoyarsk

In December our team undertook the implementation of equipment delivery to Krasnoyarsk. Our tasks included: Optimization of the required quantity of trucks; Elaboration of the loading scheme for parts of the extrusion line; Additional cargo insurance; Ahead would be a long way (more than 6500 km) to Krasnoyarsk and the New Year holidays, so we […]

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Delivery of natural gas / peat burner

In August, we implemented transportation of a combined natural gas / peat burner for boilers. In addition to a standard equipment, it was necessary to transport large and oversized piece of equipment. Delivery of oversized part was carried out on a mega trailer. The dimensions of such a platform offer more space for loading of […]

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Delivery of mini-brewery

In November 2016, our company completed the delivery of the mini-brewery to Ekaterinburg, Russia. This transportation included block (simultaneous) arrival of a group of trucks on customs clearance in Ekaterinburg. Our company promptly and accurately delivered this brewery from the sender in EU.

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