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Extrusion line to Krasnoyarsk

In December our team undertook the implementation of equipment delivery to Krasnoyarsk.

Our tasks included:

  • Optimization of the required quantity of trucks;
  • Elaboration of the loading scheme for parts of the extrusion line;
  • Additional cargo insurance;

Ahead would be a long way (more than 6500 km) to Krasnoyarsk and the New Year holidays, so we had to complete this transportation as soon as possible.

The cargo with dimensions of 385 x 245 x 340 cm, 5.5 tons was loaded on a low-bed trailer – a tiefladder. A platform of the tiefladder is 45 cm high from the ground, so we were able to transport this crate without obtaining oversized permits.



The delivery time from Germany to Krasnoyarsk was 11 days.