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Multimodal delivery of gas engines from Germany to Russia

In May 2017  our company with our colleagues in Riga, Latvia have successfully completed delivery of gas engines from Germany to Russia.

Transportation route: Germany – Latvia – Russia
Cargo: Gas engine TCG 2032 MWM
Weight: 53.7ton
Dimensions: 9,3m x 2,8m x 3,4m
Quantity: 3 engines
Additional requirements: one-time arrival to the customs in Russia

This shipment has been divided in three stages. First stage: delivery from plant to port Lübeck, Germany.

Then engines were reloaded on mafi-trailers and delivered to port of Liepaja, Latvia.


Third stage: reloading on semi-trailers for final delivery to Russia.


Additional services:

• Preparation of the combined delivery scheme;
• Loading cargo on the specialized vehicles;
• Monitoring of cargo reloading in the sea ports;
• Additional insurance 110%